Deborra Stewart-Pettengill
HENRYHENRY, (front detail)HENRY, (left)ALEXANDRAALEXANDRA, (front detail)ALEXANDRA, (left)KENDALLKENDALL, (left)KENDALL, (detail)MICHAELMICHAEL, (front detail)MICHAEL, (left)JENNYJENNY, (left)LIGHT I (Lily)LIGHT II (Rosie and Caroline)LIGHT II  (Rosie and Caroline)LIGHT III (Kay, Hannah, and Charles)LIGHT III (Kay, Hannah, and Charles)
The figure offers me the opportunity to consider facial expression, mood, body language and manner of interacting. Continuing an exploration from an earlier series, these pieces in the Portrait Series consider the figure metaphorically relating to psychological states of mind. I also incorporate symbols, using them to reference personal, cultural or universal meanings. The pieces investigate innocence and imagination through the lens of a child’s unique vision of their world. These pieces function formally as portraits, as they conceptually delve into allegories of childhood. They are sculpted from white clay, fired, and painted with oil paint.